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At NewCoDent, we provide a wide range of portable dental products all of which expertedly designedand proven to help extend the provision of dental services of all our customers.

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Product: MDU-8 24V Mobile Dental Unit

Improving on Perfection - Newcodent is pleased to announce that the MDU 8-24V has been upgraded with new solenoids that make all instruments stop immediately when the foot is removed from the foot control. A Wet and Dry switch has been incorporated on the front panel so you can turn water on and off by the click of a switch.


We have fitted a heat sensor in the compressor box which will switch off the compressor if it should get near to 120°C and start again when the temperature drops below 90°C (taking 10 - 20 minutes). Why have we done this? It was pointed out to us from the Middle East users that the unit could get very hot and in response to our Nepal-based customers, we have fitted a sand filter on the compressor. In addition, a pressure gauge on the front of the unit has been added making it very easy to adjust air and water pressure.

Product: MDU-8 Mobile Dental Unit

The Future of Mobile Dental Technology - It gives us pleasure to introduce our new upgraded Newcodent MDU 8-24V unit which is similar to our old MDU-7 but with additional technological features including:

Additional features:
-- A stainless steel instrument panel which facilitates easy cleaning.
-- A new high-speed handpiece with both spray and light, running at approx. 380.000 rpm.
-- Extra space for a for a contra-angled or straight handpieces.
-- New air scaler and LED curing light. All CE approved.
-- Potentially the lightest portable dental unit in the world to-day.

The MDU 7-24V works on mains supply from 110 – 240V and comes complete with its own carrying case with all the instruments and built in controls. The compressor unit is designed to fit in a separate smaller carrying case allowing for greater ease of transport. The large case as shown in the product image is optional and only necessary if you wish to transport both units in one case.

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