Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers:


I drive a small vehicle and need to be able to fit all my equipment into it will it fit?

It will fit into the trunck / boot of any size car


Who designed the MDU7-24V?

When I first started the design of our MDU dental unit my aim was to have a unit which would fit everything into. However I soon found that it would be too heavy so I then decided to separate the dental unit into two boxes, The larger is the MDU7-24V dental unit and the smaller box is the oil free compressor which also houses the electric converters and switch gear that connects to the dental unit. This was made for safety reasons and we believe that we are the only portable dental unit in the world that operates on 24V


I really like the light weight of the unit but how much does each box weighs?

Each box is approx 7.5 Kg 


I also like the large transport carry case what should I use it for?

The large box was made for transporting the units from A-B and can also be used as a mobile table this is optional. I do however think that most of our users use the transport case for all their own equipment and carry the two boxes separately.


Does the unit use Electric Speed increasing high speed hand pieces, or air turbine hand pieces?

We use the oil free compressor to run all instruments; our fast handpiece has a LED generated white light approx 25000 Lux and internal spray with 3 holes.

A slow motor is supplied with both a straight and contra angled handpiece. The air scaler comes with 3 tips and changing tools. All instrument holders and fittings are Midwest M4 (4holes)


What does the weight of 15 kg include.? Does it include the unit, suction unit and compressor and carry case?  What is the breakdown weight of components?

  • The main dental unit of 7.5 Kg
  • The compressor 7.4 Kg
  • The stand alone saliva suction is 5 Kg and comes in a shoulder carrying bag


What brand of ultrasonic and triplex and curing light is attached?

The hand pieces we supply are made in Japan with our name Newcodent. 

Can be industrially washed and autoclaved at 135º C


What options are there for handpiece couplings?

You can fit any coupling with Midwest M4


Your suction unit has a container to collect waste.  Is this a disposable container?

 Yes weuse a British made disposable saliva suction tank known as VacSax but can also supply other tanks or you can source your own locally.


Infection Control.. How do you keep the area clean? 

The front panel is made from highly polished Stainless steel and can be wiped with disinfection fluid 


I see there is an X-ray viewer above the three-way syringe, how do I keep this clean?

Most dentists wrap cling film around the unit to cover the x-ray viewer.


There are also control knobs on the lower right of the unit what are they for and how easy are they to reach/clean when working?

The control knob mentioned is for the water flow so you can turn off the water when using the slow motor, we dohowever also make a slow motor with contra angled handpieces with LED light and spray and a straight handpiece with internal water, if you use these you will not require to use the control knobs when using the dental unit. Again most dentist would wrap cling film around the unit.


Is the compressor used for the suction as well as high speed?

The main compressor for the dental unit is in the small box and operates the dental unit.

The compressor inside the saliva suction unit returns approx 20 L per minute and I would say is medium suction it will remove more water and saliva than our unit can produce.


If so, how does the compressor cope with both units working at the same time? 

It is not a problem as you have one large oil free compressor for the dental unit and a smaller compressor inside the saliva suction unit.


We often goes to the Outback, with no electric, can the MDU work from a generator?

Yes we only require some 380Watts so the smallest generator will do well or you can use a Inverter from a vehicle either 12V or 24V and you will be fine.


Can I use a disposable fast handpiece?

We also make a disposable three way syringe tip with sleeve to cover the handle..


Incorporated in the unit is an x-ray viewer? 

That is Correct!


Can you please give me specifications, brand, size and weight of each instrument?

All handpieces we supply are Newcodent instruments but you can use any other brand so long as they have Midwest M4 fitting with 4 holes.

  • The Fast handpiece with light and spray is 70 g
  • The slow motor is 86 g
  • Contra-angled handpiece is 45 g
  • Straight handpiece is 81 g
  • Air scaler is 70 g
  • LED curing light is 101 g


It is 24 volts?  In our country our mains power is 240 V.  Does it come with transformers? 

The mains power of 220 -240 V goes into the compressor box and feeds the compressor. From there we have two transformers, one for 5 V which goes to the x-ray viewer and the second transformer is 24 V which control all relays and solenoids i.e. no mains power in the MDU dental unit which makes the MDU7-24V one of the safest dental unit in the world.


Does this mean that there are 3 units?

 The main MDU 7-24V is one unit, the compressor box is the second unit and that is the complete dental unit, if you count the transport roller case, then yes that makes it 3 cases


I would use an EMS scaler, is there a coupling/attachment for that?

A coupling with 4 holes Midwest 4M and any air scaler and handpieces will fits.


My handpieces are NSK, KaVo and W&H. (please advise coupling compatibility)
I also have a Red Band 5X speed increasing handpiece which takes high speed burs and runs water. Any air handpieces will fit as long as they are Midwest fittings or you can just fit a coupling for the NSK, Kavo  or W&H coupling and they will work.


I have a cordless curing light, so would not need a curing light?

Sorry but that is already fitted to the unit and can not be removed and is included in the price.

How much does it cost to transport the roller case and how much does it weigh?

  • The normal price is £ 399.00.
  • The weight is 10 Kg


What is the stability and noise of the unit? 

The unit has no noise only the whining from handpieces can be heard


Does the unit vibrate?  

The unit does not vibrate 


Hopefully with compressor separate, this isn't an issues, is it?

No issue at all, you will get some small vibrations from the compressor box, it is fitted with rubber feet (a small piece of carpet or cardboard under the compressor box) makes it quieter.


What are the specifications of the compressor?

 The compressor is a 220 - 240 V and produce the air flow on demand when the foot control is used. The Decibel is 35 and it produces airflow of 40 to 60 Psi or 3 - 4 Mpa


Servicing of the unit:

Are there specialised parts/electronics etc which would require special training to maintain?

There are no complicated parts and any dental technician can service the unit once a year.

In the UK we offer an extended service contract for all clients.


If you have any further questions please contact Siggi on email or call 0044 1844 213399.


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