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Dominic Masson (BCUHB - North Wales Community Dental) - 19th Feb.2017

The MDU-8 24V mobile dental unit is easy to set-up and is instinctive to use for anyone with dental training. The unit provides a complete array of the mechanical dental instruments required for a full range of dental treatments (high-speed, slow-seed, 3in1, ultrasonic scaler & light-cure).


The high-speed handpiece provides extra illumination in the mouth, which is an invaluable addition in the domiciliary setting. The addition of a dental curing light provides the convenience of not having to pack fragile equipment separately, risking damage or forgetting it… An ultra-sonic scaler makes the unit valuable for the dentist, therapists and hygienists, allowing the full use of the clinical skill mix even outside of the surgery environment.


The Lysta mini-suction unit provides high-quality and reliable suction power outside of the surgery. It performs at the same level as our, in-surgery suction unit, making treatment comfortable for the patient and improving safety for the dental team.

Having a disposable VaxSac liner to collect the fluids, makes disposal simple and eliminates the inconvenience of draining & cleaning the system or replacing filters. With the addition of suction tubing, the unit can be used in all situations and deal with any difficulties in location or patient position.


Combining the two units means we can turn any room into a dental surgery and perform a wide range of dental procedures outside the traditional surgery environment. So far the units have been used to provide care for in-patients on the wards of our community hospitals, residents in our elderly care homes, residents in our mental health care facilities and individuals in their own homes.


The service this equipment enables us to provide has been welcomed by the nurses, care staff, families and patients, making the dental experience less stressful and more convenient for all involved. Secondary to this, it has also led to a reduced reliance on the Ambulance Transport Service, which has reduced costs to the NHS and excess workload to the Ambulance Service.

BurmaDent dental charity successfully treats 100 patients on average per day using NewCoDent mobile dental units and accessories.

In January 2016 our West London Dental Centres volunteer team of 3 dental nurses and 5 dentists returned to Lake Inle in Burma on behalf of the dental charity Burmadent. Our primary mission was to provide urgent dental care to mainly orphans, and in addition the impoverished communities in villages around the lake, but then to try to develop a more conservative approach to dental treatment. We knew that in order to do this we needed reliable, high-quality mobile surgery equipment. Burmadent had been recommended to Siggy, and so had purchased 2 full-spec mobile dental units from NewCodent.  This trip was our first opportunity to use the mobile units.

Each day we loaded up the various aluminium boxes onto the truck and visited a different area. Setting up the equipment was very easy, as all the cables and fittings were bespoke and couldn’t be confused. The various boxes were not heavy, and the team were able to set up ready for a clinic in about 20 minutes. Once connected, we were able to undertake good quality restorative dentistry using the built in high speed handpieces, chairside lights, light curing handpieces, suction and ultrasonic scalers. In addition extractions and even minor oral surgery were within our capabilities. Sometimes we set up in places without electricity, so simply plugged into our own generator and carried on! The end-of-day process to pack up was equally simple.

The equipment was very well designed, clearly with close attention to detail and the requirements needed to create an excellent mobile dental unit.


With these mobile dental units we treated on average about 100 patients per day. When undertaking dental treatment away from a clinic, for example under a tin roof or underneath the stairs of a temple, it is essential to be confident that the equipment would be reliable and efficient.

We found the NewCoDent mobile units to be robust, easy to assemble and use, and were very effective in functionality. It was also reassuring to know that should we have had any problems, we could rely on the direct and immediate personal support offered to us by Siggy and Shantie.  


We are already looking forward to our next volunteer trip, and to using the mobile units to their potential again, helping remote communities to access dental care. On behalf of my team, I should like to thank Siggy and Shantie for their excellent product and service, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to the wider profession.


Dr Mike Clarke

West London Dental Centres

Woodside Dental Practice endorses NewCoDent

Our practice had been looking into purchasing a backup compressor and dental equipment in the event of failure.
Many of the solutions we looked at did not fit our needs and we then considered the possibility of portable dental equipment and we discovered Newcodent.
We contacted NewCoDent and they were quick to arrange a visit to demonstrate the unit and its capabilities.  It is light, very portable, well-engineered, well made and along with the compressor and suction unit is an entire replacement surgery in one!  We are delighted with it and your service and after sales contact have been second to none. 

Thank you so much.

Mark Fowler BSc PhD MInstLM
Business Manager
Woodside Dental Practice, Barr Street, Glasgow, G20 7LR.

NewCoDent attends 5th Uganda Convention UK Trade & Investment forum London

The day started with a special visit from Her Royal Highness Queen Sylvia Nagginda Nnabagereka of Buganda Kingdom where a Siggi  G Jokumsen, Mangining Director of NewCoDent Ltd demonstrated the Newcodent MDU 8 - 24 V Portable Dental in action.


We were also pleased to have met Mr Alan Wilkinson Operation Director of Concept Clinics International of Rotherham who generously offered training for Ugandan dentists when they are ready to start using the Newcodent Portable dental unit.


As one Ugandan dentist stated at the Convention this is dentistry out of a box and we can not wait to get it to Uganda. Many thanks Mr. Willy Mutenza Chairman of the Ugandan Convention UK for a truly memorable day!

Testimonial from Dr John Bharath L.D.Sc L.D.S.R.C.S..Eng. Bom.UK. Dental Consultant & Certified Clinician, St. Augustine, Trinidad

Dear Siggi & Shantie,


I would like to thank you for coming down to Winchester to demonstrate you superb portable dental unit, it was a pleasure for me to buy your demonstration model, which I brought back to Trinidad.


When I phoned you with a small problem, you straight away said "I will be on the next plain to Port of Spain in Trinidad" I have never had this sort of service from any of my suppliers even when I had my practice in Croydon England.


The problem solved as soon as you arrived, you took the unit away and brought it back the next day in full working order. What a fantastic service.


A few photos was taken from your visit and I take pleasure in sending them herewith, if you can use for your web pages feel free as it will give us both some publicity.


With best regards to a very nice couple and thank you for your service and I hope you enjoyed your stay in Trinidad & Tobago.


Best regards,

Dr John Bharath


News from Nepal by Dr Willem de Lint & Dr Gerco N. Van Beelen

We  arrived  in  Nepal  and  as  promised  by  Siggi  Jokumsen  Managing  Director  of Newcodent Ltd in United Kingdom our order had been delivered to our hotel, we carried the two boxes with us to the school where we were setting up our dental clinic and here you see me Gerco unpacking our MDU7-24 V unit.

In my hand I am holding the water/air tank which fits into the back of the unit, this is a brilliant design. I then unpacked the remaining box containing the Newcodent Saliva suction unit and assembled it which took just a few minutes. I found a wooden box which I was going to use as my work station and then placed the MDU7 dental unit on this. As the electricity in Nepal is intermittent we used mains when it was available and a generator when it wasn’t.

Siggi donated the new Newcodent LED cold spot light which is free standing. The light can be adjusted down so it is directed into the patient’s mouth a remarkable light we have to say.  Here you see my colleague and I, Dr Willem de Lint as we admire the purchases which were financed via The Lions Club of Katwijk back home in the Netherlands to whom we send our thanks

We were now ready to start work and it had only taken some 15 minutes to set up for our first patient. Here you can see the focus of the LED light into the mouth.

My local dental nurse had now arrived and we started  the first days work with the new Newcodent MDU7. The units did exactly what Siggi had promised  we  worked   flat   out   for  the whole of our trip, and  now look forward to our next venture to Nepal.


We  would  like  to  thank   Siggi  for  his unique  design  and  hope  our recommendation  for  his   products  will help  other dentist   around  the  world  in their daily work. This unit  will also be a great  asset  as  a  stand   by  unit   in  any dental clinic.


The unit supplied by Newcodent products, the MDU7 and saliva suction unit did exactly as is had been demonstrated and worked very well in Nepal.

It has been a pleasure to do business with Siggi and his wife Shantie and must say they are professional and reliable people who know the portable dental business inside out! We take pleasure in recommending Siggi, his team and the company’s products.


If we can be of any help in answering any questions regarding our work, feel free to drop us an email and we will reply by return.


Best regards

Dr Willem de Lint email:

Dr Gerco van Beelen  email:

Newcodent Mobile Dental Unit Comes to Africa!!!!

Dear Siggi                                                                               12 October 2013


Newcodent Mobile Dental Unit Comes to Africa!!!!


Great News for those African who live in the Rural Areas where there are few hospitals not easily accessible and with shortage of medical equipment such as dental treatment.


With Newcodent Mobile Dental Units this is all history, ''The Dental Clinic is coming to all living in remote areas'' no bus fares, no long walks but will come to your village or local town.


No need of electricity supply in the area, no power cuts that one has to wait in agony due uncompleted dental work. These Units can also operate on 12 Volts batteries with an inverter,  or a small fuel powered generator as the unit only use 380 W when operated, so that is  all your dentist need to attach the Unit to.


They are easily carried in two separate light weight cases and a dental chair is carried as back pack. These dental units operate just the same as the usual dental facilities in major hospitals except this is mobile and can be carried any where at any time.


No more dental problems for those who cannot travel to the main available hospitals thanks to Newcodent Mobile Dental Units now available for Africa in both cities and deep in the rural villages to reach out to the communities.


The Newcodent concept were demonstrated to me, Missionary David Ws Mukasa and Princess Jane Mpologoma at a Charity BBQ in Hornchurch Essex England during 27th August 2013 and the Princess had a go in moving the two units around during the day.



We are now pleased to announce that Siggi Jokumsen the Managing Director of Newcodent Ltd have granted the distributorship for:

Uganda, East & Central Africa

Lady Irene Drusilla Namaganda Foundation

Founded by Princess Jane Mpologoma

C/O: Mathew Mukasa

PO Box 238836

Kampala - Uganda

Mob/Phone + 256772500078



Best regards



David Ws Mukasa

Netherlands Oral Health Society extends charity dental care provision in Nepal with purchase of NewCoDent MDU-7.

Customer Testimonial

Dear Siggi, September 2013
During January 2013, I Dr Willem de Lint investigated the portable mobile dental suppliers around the world. As we required a portable dental unit for our charity work in Nepal, in which we are involved Dr  Willem de Lint  & Dr Gerco Van Beelen of Holland and all our volunteers from Holland the NOHS Netherlands Oral Health Society -
I contacted Siggi The Managing Director of Newcodent Ltd in Thame United Kingdom and very quickly got all the information that I was after together with a lot of information. We decide The Newcodent model MDU would be the best for us as it is very light to transport as each box only is 7.5 Kg and only uses 380 watts of electricity when being operated and the smartest unit we have seen.

The purchases have been sponsored by the Lions Club Katwijk, Holland to whom we send our thanks.
After 9 months we arranged a demonstration from Newcodent and within a week Siggi & Shantie Jokumsen planned a visit to Valkenburg in Holland so we could have a demonstration of the unit, we were very impressed with the Newcodent Unit and immediately asked how quick we could have one delivered to our Dental Camp in Nepal to which Siggi replied within a week or so.
I have attached a few photos of our work and hope you can use this on your web pages of Newcodent.
Best regards Dr. Willem de Lint

12th Feb 2013 - Testimonial - Borders Dental Care
After having practiced dentistry in Berwick upon Tweed for almost 20 years, well known local dentist, Dr Robert Rankin BMSc(hons) BDS, decided to establish a new bespoke private domiciliary dental service – Borders Dental Care. During his many years in general practice, Robert was used to dealing and listening to the needs of patients on an individual basis and believes that a domiciliary dental service is of enormous benefit to the whole community. Located primarily in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland Robert treats a diverse range of patients in their own homes – the housebound and elderly, patients suffering from illness and simply those patients who would prefer to be treated in their home surroundings


Newcodent MDU7-24V
"I purchased this equipment a year ago and have used it for all types of mobile dentistry. It is working very well and patients are extremely impressed with the efficiency and professional appearance of the equipment, as am I. The tools supplied by Newcodent, in terms of providing light to the treatment area of the mouth, are fantastic! The after care service provided by Siggi has been excellent, faultless in fact, and I would be more than happy to speak personally to any professional looking to purchase any Newcodent products as I also use the mini saliva suction unit.

5th Oct 2011 - The future in mobile dentistry?

A company has launched a new concept in dentistry which offers dentists a self-contained dental unit that brings complete freedom and flexibility into dental care.The innovators, Newcodent Limited, claims it is ideal for homecare, training units in dental universities, nursing homes, hospitals, military, dental laboratories, rural dentistry, school dentistry, institutions and the prison service.

The original Newcodent mobile dental unit incorporates a three-way syringe and has ample space for two handpieces or one handpiece and an air scaler.A later model, the MDU 4 incorporates a curing light.The newly designed MDU 5 features an x-ray viewer, three-way syringe with a disposable tip, air scaler, fast handpiece, a straight handpiece or a slow contra-angled handpiece and a LED curing light all operated with a foot control.An optional cordless foot control is available. It also comes with a stand alone saliva suction unit. All units are fully CE approved and marked.

The company has also produced a portable battery operated mirror light with two rechargeable batteries and charger and have since developed a patients chair that weighs as little as 14kg which is complete with a light stand and instrument tray.Also available is a back pack for ease of transport and set up time is approximately 15 minutes.

The company aims to set a new standard for flexible dental care for the benefit of both the profession and the patients.It believes the unit will focus on the patient's needs and enable the dentist to use the most suitable equipment in each situation.

27 April 2011 = Press Release

Mrs. Gilliane Fearon & Mr. Brian Delgado Dentists from St. Bernard’s Hospital Gibraltar & Shantie Jokumsen, Director from Newcodent. Newcodent takes pleasure in confirming that the League of Hospital Friends of Gibraltar got together to purchase the Newcodent MDU 5 Mobile Dental unit for St. Bernard’s Hospital, Harbour Views Road, Gibraltar. The unit was installed on Friday 15.4.2011, will be used in theatre for GA patients and emergency domiciliary visits.

20 April 2011 - Press Release

After 25 years working with DentalMan and Lysta, promoting their mobile dental units in the UK. Siggi Jokumsen (pictured with good friend Boris Johnson ex Mayor of London & now 2019 PM of UK) has set out on his own. Through his new company Newcodent, Siggi has developed a complete portable dental unit that is lightweight and includes a wide range of instrumentation.

Newcodent Ltd

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Africa Ghana

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Uganda, East & Central Africa

Lady Irene Drusilla
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C/O: Mathew Mukasa

PO Box 238836

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Mob/Phone + 256772500078


Princess Jane Mpologoma Muchwa
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Miss Victoria Namatovu - Director

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